These plates are generally used on heavy equipment with limited to no highway use.

This type appears to have started sometime in 1970 or 1971.

A distinctive red on yellow color scheme was used until the general reissue in 2000, at which time this type ended up on the bland “blue fade” base.

Motorcycle-sized “Special Equipment” plates are also used on certain construction equipment. These were red on white, later reissued on – you guessed it – light blue plates. See the separate page for those plates.

Click the photo to see this type in use.

ca. 1970/1971 issue
Early example of this type; numbering started at 1000.
The difference in color is the result of using a different scanner.


Finally, one that’s not too beat-up.

Like most every other type, these received “Replacement Sticker” decals while the new plates were being made in 2000-2002.


The yellow on these plates was slightly lighter than the chrome yellow used on the older plates; but it faded much quicker to an almost lemon yellow.

2004. Old number carried over.
These plates just don’t seem the same without the distinctive red on yellow color scheme. I don’t know why they couldn’t carry the old design over to new plates – after all, the new Trans. plates look pretty much exactly like what an updated version of these should be!


ca. mid 2000s