Latest Updates:

6/4/24: Updated Passenger 1960s, Combination 2, Commercial 2, Trailer
3/21/24: Updated EA Motorcycle, Marine Trailer
3/12/24: Updated Commercial 1, added School Bus/Livery Bus
3/4/24: Updated Classic Vehicle, Combination, Error, Motorcycle, Temp. Metal plates, Trailer, Veteran
3/3/24: Updated Dealer New
2/5/2024: Added Apportioned Trailer
2/2/2024: Updated Camp Trailer, Commercial 2, Dealer Motorcycle, Handicapped, Trailer
12/28/23: Updated Passenger 1940s, Passenger 1950s, Commercial 1, Political-State, Prototype, Trans.
12/4/23: Updated Dealer New 1, Dealer Special, Factory, State, Special Equip.
11/9/23: Updated Amateur Radio, Error, Interstate, Livery, Misc./Local, Political-State, Temp. Non-Pass, Repair 2
8/24/23: Updated Reserved Series, Repair 2, Temp. Pass, Trailer
7/14/23: Updated Political-State, Taxi, Wrecker
5/4/23: Updated Camp Tr., Misc./Local, Motorcycle, Repair 2, Sample
3/17/23: Updated Dealer SX, Dismantler, EA Motorcycle
3/2/23: Updated Camp Tr., Combination 2, Farm
12/29/22: Updated Combination 2; Ambulance, Bus, and Farm plates in use.
11/24/22: Updated Passenger 1950s, Dealer New, Farm, Sample, Temp. Pass.
10/28/22: Updated Temp. Non-passenger
8/30/22: Updated Passenger 1940s, 1990s, 2000s, Wrecker
5/17/22: Updated Dismantler, Dealer Used 2, Municipal, Spec. Equip, Veteran
5/13/22: Updated Amateur Radio, Combination 2, Sample
4/25/22: Updated Passenger 1910s, Passenger 1940s, Error, Junk, Student Transport
4/12/22: Updated Motorcycle, Permits, Repair 2, Sphinx
2/10/22: Updated Special Interest, Camp Trailer 2, Combination 1 and 2, Dealer New 1, Early American, Municipal, Prototype, Student Transport, Temp. Metal Plates, Veteran
11/27/21: Updated Passenger 1980s, Reserved Series, Combination, Dismantler, Error, Hearse, Junk, Service Bus, Trailer
10/4/21: Updated Apportioned, Combination
9/29/21: Updated Error Plates, Motorcycle
9/22/21: Updated EA Motorcycle, Prototype, Snowmobile, Temp. Non. Pass.
9/21/21: Updated Combination 1
7/6/21: Updated Low Number, Wrecker
6/4/21: Updated Passenger 1970s
5/31/21: Updated All-Terrain, Camper, Livery, Veteran
5/11/21: Updated Special Interest, Handicapped, Veteran
4/19/21: Updated Reserved Series
4/9/21: Updated Passenger 1920s, Special Interest, Interstate, Veteran
3/27/21: I got tired of scrolling through the ever-expanding side menu too. Collapsing menu is now located at the top.
3/12/21: Updated Amateur Radio, Livery, Service Bus, Passenger 1940s.
3/8/21: Updated New Car Dealer 1-100, Dealer Special Equip.
2/12/21: Updated Ambulance, Dealer Motorcycle, Dealer Snowmobile, Interstate
1/10/21: Updated Livery
12/18/20: Updated Low Number, All-Terrain
11/26/20: Updated Reserved Series, Motorcycle
10/11/2020: Updated Passenger 1940s, All Terrain, Camp Tr., Commercial
9/18/20: Updated Misc./Local, Motorcycle, Serv. Bus
8/19/20: Updated Motorcycle, Bus plates in use, Camper plates in use.
8/14/20: Updated Dealer New 1-100, Error, Farm, Motorcycle, Prototype, Trans., Veteran, Wrecker
8/12/20: Updated Ambulance, Camper, Dealer SX, Factory, Fire Apparatus, Misc./Local, M.V. Dept, Sample
5/20/20: Updated Low Number
4/2/20: Updated Reserved Series, All-Terrain, Combination 2, Dealer New 2, Dealer SX, Dismantler, Misc./Local, Veteran, Wrecker; added Motorcycle Sidecar, State Electric Vehicle, State Motorcycle.
2/20/20: Updated Amateur Radio, Commercial 1, Factory, Veteran
1/31/20: Updated Passenger 1960s, Passenger 1990s, Special Issue, Amateur Radio, Dealer All-Terrain, Dealer New 1-100, Error, Handicapped, Motorcycle, Prototype, Sample,
1/3/20: Updated Dealer Motorcycle, Early American, Early American Motorcycle, Farm, Veteran
12/23/19: Updated Special Interest, Temp. Metal Plates, Student Transport, Trans., Volunteer Firefighter
11/27/19: Updated Amateur Radio, Camper, Dealer All-Terrain, Dealer Motorcycle, Dealer Snowmobile
10/13/19: Updated Reserved Series, Special Interest, Bus, Camper, Farm, Temp. Non-Passenger, Prototype.
9/19/19: Updated Special Interest, Classic Vehicle, Commercial, Veteran
9/6/19: Updated Amateur Radio, Ambulance, Dealer New, Error, Foreign Consul, Handicapped, Livery, Sample, Vanpool
6/23/19: Updated Combination 2, Dealer Used 2, Motorcycle, State, Trailer
6/7/19: Updated Early American, Sample
5/24/19: Updated Construction, Temp. Non-Passenger
4/16/19: Updated Amateur Radio, Commercial 2, Trailer
3/26/19: Updated Special Interest, Motorcycle, Political – State, Trailer
3/25/19: Updated Combination 2, Dealer New 1, Permits
3/22/19: Updated Camp Tr. 2, Trans.
3/21/19: Updated Passenger 1940s, P.U.C., Repair 1990- and Vanpool
1/20/19: Updated Early American, several pages of plates in use.
1/19/19: Updated Bus, Livery, Temp. Metal Plates
12/16/18: Updated Camp Tr. 2, Error, Prototype
10/29/18: Updated Dealer New 1970s, Prototype, Special Interest
10/15/18: Updated Sample, Trailer
10/5/18: Updated Commercial 2, Dealer Used 2, Error, Misc./Local, Sample
10/4/18: Updated Camper, Camp Tr. 2, Combination 2, Trans.
9/28/18: Also updated Commercial 1, Dismantler, Motorcycle, Repair 1, Service Bus
9/26/18: Updated Reserved Series, Dealer Motorcycle, Trailer, Veteran, Wrecker
9/25/18: All main pages have been transferred; second-level pages in process
4/10/18: Updated Dealer New 1, Repair 2
2/19/18: Updated Passenger 1960s, Early American, PUC, Temp. Pass.
2/6/18: Updated Apportioned, Commercial 2, Dealer Motorcycle, Interstate, Misc./Local, Repair, Serv. Bus, Snowmobile and Special Interest
2/1/18: Updated Temp. Pass, Temp metal plates
1/15/18: Updated Temp. Non Passenger, Trans.
12/10/17: Updated Amateur Radio, Early American, Error, Misc./Local, Political- State, POW
10/19/17: Updated Passenger 1970s, Passenger 2000s, Amateur Radio, Commercial 2, Special Equipment
8/25/17: Updated Motorcycle, Temp. Non-Passenger, Bus Plates In Use
8/3/17: Updated Combination 2, Sample
7/10/17: Added Official
7/4/17: Updated Prototype
6/20/17: Updated Early American, Political – State, Sample
6/10/17: Updated Passenger 1980s, Sample, Added Political – US
6/5/17: Added Classic Vehicle, Started adding cross-referencing
5/30/17: Updated Commercial 1, Dealer New 1, Dealer Used 1, Misc./Local, POW, Taxi, Temp. Metal, Trailer
4/25/17: Updated Dealer New 1, Fire Apparatus, Wrecker
4/13/17: Updated Commercial 2, Foreign Consul, Handicapped, Livery, Military
4/6/17: Updated Special Interest, Sample, Snowmobile
3/30/17: Updated Camp Trailer, Camper, Combination 2, Dealer SX, Dealer New 2, Dealer Used 2, Error
3/16/17: Updated Motorcycle, Handicapped, Misc./Local, Sample, Temp, Metal Plates
2/28/17: Updated Passenger 1930s, Amateur Radio, Error, MFG
2/16/17: Added Student Transport
2/12/17: Updated Passenger 2000-, Low Number, Combination 2, Commercial 1, Snowmobile, Trailer
1/2/17: Updated Combination 2, Construction, Dealer Used 1, Error, Repair 2, Special Equipment
11/2/16: Split Prototype and Error pages. Added a lot to the Prototype page.
10/30/16: Updated Temp. Non-passenger, Toll
10/13/16: Added Sphinx
10/10/16: Updated Low-number Dealer New, added Military
10/6/16: Updated Early American, Wrecker
8/26/16: Updated Passenger 2000-, Political
8/22/16: Updated All-Terrain, Sample, Added Dismantler
8/19/16: Updated MFG., Veteran, Sample, Volunteer Firefighter
8/17/16: Updated Service Bus
8/16/16: Updated Handicapped, Municipal, Political, Toll
8/9/16: Updated Dealer Low Number, Dealer SX, Exp. Test, Fire Apparatus
8/8/16: Updated Misc./Local
5/16/16: Added Marine Trailer, updated Reserved Series and Low Number
5/2/16: Updated Reserved Series, Early American, Misc./Local, Sample, Prototype/Error
4/4/16: Added State plates in use page
3/29/16: Updated Prototype/Error, Temp. Non-Passenger and several of the “plates in use” pages
3/15/16: Updated Combination 2, Political, Toll and Temp. Non-Passenger
3/2/16: Updated Passenger 1980s, Passenger 1990s, Political, Prototype/Error, Toll
2/15/16: Updated Camp Tr. 2, Political, POW, Repair 2, Sample, State, Toll, Added Parade
2/12/16: Updated Combination 2, Commercial 2, Construction, Dealer SX, Farm, Fish, Motorcycle, Trans.
12/1/15: Updated Apportioned, Camp Tr., Camper, Combination
10/20/15: Updated Combination 2, Hearse, Motorcycle
10/7/15: Updated POW, added Junk plates in use
10/1/15: Updated Passenger Vanity, Motorcycle, Snowmobile, Veteran
9/15/15: Updated Combination 2, Commercial 2, Municipal, Repair 2 and Snowmobile
7/31/15: Updated Combination 1, Used Dealer 2
7/19/15: Updated Dealer SX, Trailer
6/16/15: Updated Low Number, Temporary Non-Passenger
5/12/15: Updated Dealer Used 1; Misc/Local
3/9/15: Updated Bus, Political, Vanity
3/3/15: Updated Passenger 2000-, Dealer Motorcycle, Dealer Spec. Equipment, Misc./Local, Prototype/Error, Temp. Non-Passenger
2/24/15: Updated Livery, Trailer, and some of the “Plates in Use” pages
1/19/15: Updated Snowmobile
12/13/14: Updated Misc/Local, Repair 1, Repair 2, Wrecker
12/2/14: Updated Apportioned, Camp Tr. 1, Early American, Fish, Livery
10/13/14: Updated Dealer SX, Dealer Motorcycle, Repair 2
9/17/14: Updated Low Number, Farm, Livery, Trailer
7/14/14: Updated Reserved Series, Combination 2, Commercial 1958-, Dealer New 1990-, Dealer Used 1990-, Temp. Metal Plates
6/6/14: Updated P.U.C., Passenger 2000- (Thanks Kyle)
5/11/14: Upated Temp. Metal Plates
4/22/14: Updated Commercial 1, Early American, Toll
3/21/14: Updated Trans., Passenger 1980s, Prototype/Error
3/5/14: Updated Used Dealer 1990-, Dealer Spec. Equipment, Fire Apparatus, Misc./Local
1/7/14: Updated New Dealer 1
11/21/13: Updated Reserved, Amateur Radio, Camper, Farm, Junk
11/6/13: Added more “plates in use” pages
11/4/13: Updated Used Dealer 2, Repair 1
9/11/13: Updated Commercial 2, Farm and Wrecker
6/22/13: Updated Camper, Commercial 2, New Dealer 1
5/21/13: Updated All-Terrain, Toll
4/19/13: Added Repair Plates In Use
4/17/13: Updated Temp. Non-passenger
3/9/13: Updated Combination 2, Dealer Spec. Equip., Misc./Local, Temp. Pass.
2/9/13: Updated Interstate, Misc./Local, Motorcycle and Temp. Non-Pass
10/9/12: Updated Toll, added Amateur Radio and Municipal Plates in Use
10/8/12: Updated Bus, Camp Tr. 2, Camper, Dealer Used 1990-, Interstate, and Livery Plates in Use
8/29/12: Updated Passenger 2000-
8/20/12: Updated Municipal and most of the “Plates in use” pages
8/1/12: Updated Toll plates
6/14/12: Updated Livery
5/18/12: Updated Camp Trailer 2
3/28/12: Updated Reserved Series
3/3/12: Added Exp. Test, High Mileage Veh., updated Early American
2/26/12: Updated Combination 2, Commercial 1, Dealer Motorcycle, Dealer SX, Livery and Service Bus
2/8/12: Updated Passenger 1950s, Vanity
1/21/12: Updated Passenger 2000-, New Dealer 1, Misc./Local, Motorcycle and Sample
9/20/11: Updated Political, Trailer plates in use
8/31/11: Updated Camp Tr. 1, Motorcycle and Trailer
7/4/11: Updated Passenger 1950s, Repair 3 and Veteran
7/2/11: Updated Commercial 2, Used Dealer 3 and Farm
6/7/11: Updated Vanity page
6/6/11: Updated Miscellaneous/Local
5/5/11: Another update to Motorcycle
4/21/11: Updated Motorcycle
4/10/11: Updated Commercial 2, New Dealer 1 and Misc/local
3/23/11: Updated Amateur radio, Commercial 1, Handicapped, Motorcycle, Serv. Bus
3/5/11: Updated Trans. page
2/21/11: Updated Repair 1970- page
2/16/11: Updated Passenger 1930s, Low Number, All-Terrain, Misc., Motorcycle, Municipal, Permits and Trailer
2/7/11: Added Farm plates in use; updated Hearse plates in use
2/6/11: Updated Dealer New 1 and Toll pages
1/31/11: Updated the Political page
1/24/11: Added “plates in use” for Camp Trailer
1/11/11: Updated Used Dealer and Motorcycle pages. Also added some Organ information to the “More” section of this site
12/6/10: Added 1939 Passenger, updated Reserved Series page
12/4/10: Added “plates in use” pages for Fire Apparatus, Hearse, Interstate and Livery
11/27/10: The first batch of “plates in use” is up: Apportioned, Bus, Camper, Construction, Trailer…
11/26/10: Finally, the Political page is finished. Next up: Photo pages.
11/3/10: Updated Motorcycle page
10/19/10: Updated Camp Tr. 1 and Farm pages
9/27/10: Updated Bus and Commercial 1 pages
9/15/10: Added Special Interest plates page
9/9/10: Added Trans. page
9/8/10: Added Dealer Motorcycle page
9/7/10: Updated Factory, added Commercial 1958- page
8/30/10: Updated Combination 2
8/28/10: Updated Commercial 1 page
8/18/10: Added Commercial 1 page
8/12/10: Updated Livery, found another plate for the Low Number page
8/10/10: Added Used Dealer 1990- page.
8/9/10: Updated Passenger 2000- page, added Low Number page
8/8/10: Added Passenger 2000- page
7/31/10: Added Used Dealer 2 page
7/30/10: Updated Wrecker and Motorcycle, added Temporary Metal Plates page
7/27/10: Updated Passenger 30-39, Repair 1, Error and Misc. pages
7/13/10: Updated Early American page
6/26/10: Added Used Dealer 1 page
6/12/10: Added Camp Trailer 1 and 2 pages
6/1/10: Updated Repair 1, Livery, Dealer New 1 pages
5/22/10: Added Repair 2 page
5/21/10: Added Repair 1 page
5/6/10: At long last, updated Dealer New to 1969, Livery pages
2/26/10: Updated Misc./Local, added Special Equipment page
2/20/10: Added Reserved series, updated Ambulance, Bus, Factory, M.F.G.
2/10/10: Added 1990s passenger page
2/2/10: Added 1980s passenger page
2/1/10: Added about a dozen new plates to the Combination 2 page
1/29/10: Added photo of Construction plate in use
1/28/10: Added 1970s passenger page
1/26/10: Added 1950s and 1960s passenger pages
1/26/10: Added (2) Taxi plates
1/10/10: Added 1920s, 1930s and 1940s passenger pages
12/29/09: Added Passenger 1905-1919 page
12/26/09: Added (3) New Car Dealer pages
12/25/09: Updated Bus, Added Fish Boat and Temp. Pass. pages
11/28/09: Added Temp. Non-Passenger and State pages
11/24/09: Added Temporary Registration Certificate and Snowmobile pages