These plates are used on snowmobiles.

This type started in 1969. I’m not sure what number the series started at, but 3-digit plates are known for the earliest plates. Originally, all snowmobiles were supposed to be registered by October 1, 1969; however this was later changed to October 1, 1971. The fee at the time was $3, which was increased in 1975 to $4. Effective January 1, 2004 the fee is $20.

These plates were renewed every year until 1985, when they became biennial registrations.

These plates are similar in size, colors and format to Motorcycle plates.

Reference: Chapter 246 Sec. 14-380.

1970. An early example of this type.



Similar to motorcycle plates, the “CONN” legend was soon centered. The typical result was decals with mounting bolts through them as seen here.

This plate was stamped very crooked.

Mid-1980s used until 1987.


ca. 1990s
3-digit plates were standard-issue numbers at the very beginning of the series for this type.

Around 1987, the legends were reversed-
similar to Motorcycle plates.