Reserved Series

Certain letter prefixes are reserved and have special meanings:

AC- New Haven Automobile Club (no longer issued)
AL- American Legion
ARC- American Red Cross
CNP- Connecticut News Photographer (now diagonal small-letter prefix)
DAV- Disabled American Veterans
DV- Disabled Veteran
MC- Hartford Automobile Club (no longer issued)
MD- Medical Doctor
NYP- New York Press
VFW- Veterans of Foreign Wars
VM- Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
YD- Yankee Division

1936 Automobile Club of New Haven.
This organization was formed in the summer of 1908, with one of its goals to eliminate reckless driving.

1947 Automobile Club of New Haven.

1958 American Legion

2008 American Legion

1999 American Red Cross

1990 Disabled American Veterans

ca. 1953 Disabled Veteran

Mid-1960s Disabled Veteran, used until it was replaced in 2001 during the general reissue.

ca. 1990s Disabled Veteran


1956 Hartford Automobile Club (?)


1947 Medical Doctor? I’m not sure if this prefix was reserved at this time. 

Medical Doctor revalidated to 1979

1976 Medical Doctor

Medical Doctor

Polyvend Medical Doctor
A note on the back indicates this plate was issued in September, 1980. It appears they made a batch of these in 1974-1975 and kept issuing them until they ran out, even though the Polyvend passenger car plates stopped being issued years earlier.


1985 Medical Doctor

1990 Medical Doctor

ca. 1990s Medical Doctor
Following this series, lead zeroes were used in the number, i.e. MD-0100

2002 Medical Doctor

ca. 1990s Medical Doctor with lead zero in the number.
These are now issued in the MD-12345 format.


ca. 1990s New York Press

ca. 2000s New York Press

1980 Veterans of Foreign Wars

1987 Veterans of Foreign Wars

ca. 1990s Veterans of Foreign Wars


1969 Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

1958 Yankee Division
These plates were issued to members of the 26th Infantry Division of the US Army, which was formed in 1917.