Passenger 1920 – 1929

1920 was the first year that license plates were produced in the Connecticut prison system. These plates were embossed steel, and the length of the plate varied with the number of digits.
A letter prefix came into use in 1924, to keep the length of the plates down. The letter can be used to determine where in the state the plate was likely issued from.

Commercial plates look similar to these passenger plates for this era. However, the colors are reversed from those shown below. Also, plates with a ‘B’ prefix are Camp Trailer plates.

The same plate number was issued to the registrant upon renewal every year. Thus, it is common to find short runs of plates with the same number.

1920. This was issued to a 1917 Packard registered in New Haven. The owner was also issued plate #2893.






1926. The length of the plate was extended each time another digit was added. This was as long as the plates got, and the 6-digit format lasted through 1931.

1927 4-digit. This is a nice plate.

‘A’ is from New Haven. A letter prefix was introduced in 1924.

A plate from my home state with my ALPCA Number! This number was first issued on 5/20/1908.