POW plates are issued to former prisoners of war. These are provided at no cost, with a maximum of two vehicles allowed for each individual. This type started around 1982. In 1983 Camper and Commercial types were added.

These plates have a diagonally stacked “POW” suffix. When the new graphic Veteran plates were introduced in the late 1990s, the POW type was moved to that design, maintaining the same diagonal “POW” suffix.

These plates are allowed to remain with a surviving spouse for lifetime or until remarriage.

Reference Sec. 14-21d.

ca. early-mid 1980s

The second plate issued to this individual.

ca. late 1980s map base.
Typically these had a dot between the numbers and letters.

ca. 1990s
Miserable shape, but these plates are tough to find. Especially for less than a buck.

2000 POW

ca. 2000s POW on the Veteran base. Similar to the map base, these appear with and without a dot separator.

2007 POW Combination