These plates are used on vehicles operated by auto junkyards. They appear on regular vehicles, tow trucks, and parts trucks.

This type appears to have started in the late 1940s or early 1950s as “Junk Dealer” (See separate page).

Numbers for these plates are scattered throughout the Used Dealer series, although large blocks are found in the 2100s, 2500s and 2600s.

In 1996, “Junk” was changed to “Dismantler”.

Around 2002 or so, some Dismantler plates started to appear with a lead zero in the number (see DD-02 on the left).

Sometime in the early/mid 2000s, a new type was introduced – “Dismantler Vehicle In Tow”.

Colors and format for these plates follow those of Used Dealer.

Click the photo above to see this type (Junk/Dismantler) in use.

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It appears that this Dismantler received annual plates, good for one year, while the standard is to be valid for 2 years. The initial application for a junkyard is good for one year, renewals after that are good for 2 years. Perhaps that was the situation in this case.






These plates typically feature the same serial number as that of the corresponding Dismantler plate. Because there are so many words on these plates (along with the Connecticut state name on the bottom) the dies for the numbers appear to be those formerly used on Motorcycle plates.


ca. 2002/3
This is probably a sample/souvenir type for the “Towing and Recovery Professionals of Connecticut”. Actual issued plates are in the same format as the Dismantler plates shown above.