Temp. Metal Plates

These plates were issued for temporary registrations – often to replace lost plates. They were issued beginning in the 1910s, usually with the letter “T” appearing somewhere as a prefix or suffix. Over the years, many of the non-passenger types have had a temporary plate or two issued at some point in time. Passenger temporary metal plates were also issued.

After expiration, these plates were intended to be returned to the DMV for reuse.

Below is a sampling of a few of these plates.

Passenger Car

1918 Passenger temporary (?)
Some question whether the ‘T’ at this time was for temporary or Dealer Transport plates.


1935 Passenger temporary.

Thanks to Dave for setting up a deal for this one (and Adam for facilitating).

1957 tab on a 1955/1956 base.


Passenger temporary used from the 1970s through 1986.

1996. It is rare to have a metal temporary plate issued at this point – paper plates were the norm. However, this one was actually used- I have both plates of the pair as well as the registration paperwork. These were valid for 40 days.


1954 Used Dealer Temporary


1961 Dealer Temporary



There is some handwriting on this plate noting “Chrysler-Plymouth Raymond Rd. West Hartford Aug. 8 ’67”






1970s Motorcycle Temporary


Omnibus (Livery)

1931 Omnibus Temporary.
Temporary plates go all the way back to at least the mid-1910s.



1942/1948 Repairer Temporary


Uncommon Repair Temporary from the late 1950s. Blue on natural aluminum.


Late 1980

Mid/Late 1980s used until 2001

Mid/Late 1980s?