The Conn. Correctional Institute didn’t produce only regular license plates for vehicles. They have also produced license plates for local towns/cities, as well as ‘booster’ plates and even “No Parking” signs.

The below is just a small sampling of the myriad of licenses and plates issued in the state of Connecticut. Not all of these were produced in the Connecticut prisons, but all of them were used in local towns and cities.

Bloomfield – Bicycle.
There are lots of Connecticut bicycle licenses out there. This one is a bit different from most in that it has a reflective glass-beaded background.

Bridgeport – 1979 Dump License

Bridgeport – 1974 Vendor

Bridgeport – 1978 Vendor

Cromwell “Old Home Day” booster plate.
This was a celebration which took place in 1961 to celebrate the town’s 110th anniversary. Why 110th? The originally planned 100th anniversary in 1951 was postponed because of the Korean War.


Darien – 1969 Health Dept.

Darien – 1990 Health Dept.

Darien – 1971 Refuse Disposal
Steel Plate

Darien – 1982/82 Refuse Disposal
Aluminum Plate

Some sort of Dealer mockup or souvenir.

Deputy Sheriff plate.

Dept. of Agriculture – 1966 Poultry Dealer

Derby – 1940 Vendor

East Hartford – 1959 Bicycle


East Hartford – 1985 Refuse Permit

East Hartford – 1986 Refuse Permit

Fairfield – 1986 Refuse Collector

Greenwich – 2001 Refuse Collector

Hartford – 1985 Health Department


Hartford – 1968 Refuse Hauling

Hartford – 1973 Refuse Hauling

Hartford – 1983 Sealer’s Office.
This appears to be from Connecticut; the Sealer’s Office deals with functions related to weights and measures (scales, fuel dispensing, etc.).

Hartford – 1969 Vendor

Hartford – 1985 Vendor

Middletown – Auxiliary Police

Milford – 1959 Petroleum

Milford – 1967 Vendor

1953 Connecticut Milk Administration

1960s New Britain Refuse Collector Sample/Prototype

New Britain – 1978 Refuse Collector

New Britain – Refuse Collector

New Britain – 1985 Refuse Collector

New Britain – 1986 Refuse Collector

New Haven – 1955 Flammable Fluids

New Haven – 1957 Flammable Fluids

New Haven – 1961 Flammable Fluids

New Haven – 1962 Flammable Fluids

New Haven – 1963 Flammable Fluids

New Haven – 1964 Flammable Fluids

New Haven – Souvenir plate from the legendary Toads Place nightclub. Made with the official CT dies, even has the reflective beading on the lettering.


Plain-Jane Niantic booster plate, with motorcycle-sized dies used for the lettering.

Norwalk – Refuse Collector

Prospect – Drum Corps Booster Plate

Shelton – 1938 Milk License.
Cardboard plate

Stamford – 1984 Sanitation Permit

Stratford – 1962 Waterfront Auth.

Stratford – 1966 Waterfront Auth.

Civil Preparedness plate from Torrington.
There are also a large number of unissued ones circulating with the caption ‘Aux. Police’ on top. Most likely these were used on the front of cars during the single-plate period.

Torrington – 1970 Milk License

Trumbull – Licensed Vendor

Waterbury – Huckster

Waterbury – 1957 Licensed Vendor

Waterbury – Licensed Vendor.
This once had a date decal on it, too bad someone removed it.

West Haven – 1971 Licensed Vendor